BAM Strategic Creative How we fully renovated one of Canada's top creative agency's online presence. CASE STUDY // REAL ESTATE CREATIVE AGENCY

A premier full-service real estate creative agency.

BAM Strategic Creative is a single-source creative solution for real estate & development businesses across North America. Today, BAM has grown to a team of 40, giving them the unique ability to create marketing experiences that go beyond what a traditional creative studio can offer. The natural integration they created in BAM has also resulted in giving their clients the natural efficiencies and coordinated control that comes with a single-source supplier.


Pulse Digital Custom Plan – social media take-over, organic growth assistance, and scheduling/posting content.

Initial Issues
  • Inconsistent posting schedule
  • Small social media following with slow growth rate
  • Lack of cohesive content strategy

Before Pulse

BAM Instagram Before

After Pulse  ↓

Optimized Posting Schedule

  • Reviewed and re-organized all creative assets to develop consistent posting themes each month
  • Developed communication strategy for each month depending on the theme
  • Reviewed target audience and developed posting schedule based on times optimized for engagement

Cohesive Content Strategization

  • Discovered patterns within the personality of the brand and available creative assets
  • Developed a content strategy that would ensure consistency in both personality and creative assets available
  • Applied content strategy holistically across all platforms for consistent branding

And then the fun begins.


Regained consistency & dramatic organic growth for Canada’s premier creative agency.

Twelve months after working with Pulse Digital, BAM Strategic Creative has now built a platform that stretches beyond their network of clients. We’ve helped them achieve the following:

  • Reach a much larger size of audience through the growth of their Instagram platform
  • Streamlined & increased content output, now gaining over 25,000 impressions every month
  • Created a more consistent visual aesthetic which is now identifiable and unique to BAM Strategic Creative
  • Increased their number of followers organically by over 100%


New Social Media Followers*

*Based on number of followers prior to Pulse Digital takeover


Increase in Engagement*

*Based on engagement rate on 9 photos before Pulse Digital takeover compared to 9 most recent posts by Pulse Digital

After Pulse

Give your social media a new pulse.