Bean Around the World How we gave an established Canadian coffee company a new pulse on social. CASE STUDY // COFFEE SHOP CHAIN

A local coffee shop chain with global tastes.

Bean Around the World is all about good people and good coffee. Since the beginning, Bean sought out the best beans and the best people that the coffee industry had to offer. People seem to appreciate that, and Bean has been growing ever since. In 1994, Bean opened up their roastery, which allowed them to provide that iconic Bean Around the World taste to an increasing number of shops. Bean now has 27 locations around the Lower Mainland and a bounty of loyal coffee subscribers who get their beans by delivery.


Premium Pulse Plan – brand and target market discovery, custom photos and branded videos, and full social media take-over.

Initial Issues
  • Inconsistent copy/captions, and communication tones
  • Lack of consistent high quality images that represent the brand
  • Minimal online engagement and brand presence

Before Pulse

After Pulse  ↓

Target Market Discovery

  • Conducted internal survey with key people within the company
  • Surveyed long-time cafe owners and operators
  • Compiled all findings and honed in on two target market profiles

Brand Voice Discovery

  • Circulated brand voice survey internally amongst key company people
  • Discovered patterns within the personality of the brand
  • Formulated Brand Voice document which is now used across all marketing related copywriting

And then the fun begins.


Making traditional tastes feel new again.

Since partnering with Pulse Digital, Bean Around The World has regained its brand identity and voice which was lost for some time due to the saturation of the coffee market in Vancouver. We’ve helped them do the following:

  • Re-discover who their core customers are and how we’re reaching them on social
  • Discover their brand voice and brand story, which we now display through all of our content strategies
  • Create a consistent visual aesthetic which is now identifiable and unique to BATW
  • Increase their number of followers organically by 90% (over 1.5 years)


New Social Media Followers*

*Based on number of followers prior to Pulse Digital takeover


Increase in Engagement*

*Based on engagement rate on 9 photos before Pulse Digital takeover compared to 9 most recent posts by Pulse Digital

After Pulse

Give your social media a new pulse.