Gary Serra How we amplified one of Vancouver's most personable and top-selling Realtor's digital presence. CASE STUDY // REALTOR

A top-ranking Realtor who’s driven by client satisfaction.

Gary’s Mission

For over 18 years, Gary has thoroughly enjoyed living the “dream” he had as a child of being a Vancouver Realtor. Gary takes great pride in helping his clients achieve their real estate goals and seeing them completely satisfied. Gary is extremely grateful that he is able to be an active member in his community and firmly believes in giving back what was so graciously given to him and his family.

Always Working Hard for You

As one of the top Realtors for Downtown & East Vancouver, he is guided by the core belief and ongoing desire to “Treat others how you would like to be treated”. Gary strongly believes that the best service is built on commitment, and that success is built one satisfied client at a time. With the help of his team at Gary Serra & Associates, they are committed to helping you find your dream home!


Pulse Realtor Package – Branding, social media lead generating marketing, videography, photography & email marketing. (we also do website design)

Initial Issues

Lack of digital marketing with a focus

After Pulse  ↓

Enhanced Digital Storytelling

  • Reviewed the core facets and strengths of Gary’s personal brand
  • Developed communication strategy for amplifying Gary’s brand through storyboarding and planning specific shots
  • Shot, edited, and refined brand video to help potential customers understand who Gary is and why they should choose him as their Realtor

Optimized Video Ads

  • Identified Gary’s ideal audiences to develop ad targeting strategies
  • Based on Gary’s audience, conceptualized, shot and edited video ads that would result in the best conversions
  • Managed and continually refined digital ads and performance to maximize conversion and engagement;

And then the fun begins.


Reached new audiences and increased revenue growth.

After working with Pulse Digital, Gary Serra has now built a platform that stretches beyond their personal network of clients. We’ve helped him achieve the following:

  • Reach a much larger size of audience through the growth of facebook & Instagram advertising
  • Increased advertising audience, now gaining over 100,000 impressions every month
  • Created a more consistent visual aesthetic which is now identifiable and unique to Gary Serra


New Social Media Followers*

*Based on number of followers prior to Pulse Digital takeover


Increase in Engagement*

*Based on engagement rate on 9 photos before Pulse Digital takeover compared to 9 most recent posts by Pulse Digital

Give your social media a new pulse.